Evening photos

(1) Ragged Falls (Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario) by Trevor Pottelberg Photography (@trevorpottelberg)

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(2) Timewarp (near Telluride, Colorado) by Aaron Reed

(3) Winter Wonderland (Sault St Marie, Ontario) by Ann J P

(4) Sakura (Cherry blossom) and Uguisu (Nightingale/Warbler) represent spring in Japan by Damon Bay

(5) Maple leaves and raindrops by JS P

(6) Country road (Crystal Creek, NSW, Australia) by ed & hoolia (@edandhoolia)

(7) Frost and sun (Russia) by Sergey Davydov

(8) Rural autumn scene (no location given) by Joseph (@gemini_digitized)

(9) Reflecting on Otter Lake (Alaska) by Harold Herradura

(10) Frosty autumn morning (Belarus) by Alex Ugalnikov (@alex_ugalek)

(11) Country road (Lake District, England) by Mathew Carter (@unitedrkings1983)

(12) Tipsoo Lake (Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington) by Kevin Russell

(13) Glade Creek Grist Mill (Babcock State Park, West Virginia) by perkijl61

(14) Tamanawas Falls in the winter (Oregon) by Mitch Carlson

(15) Rural scene (Eastern Rhodopes, Bulgaria) by Jordan Savoff

(16) Stormy sky over Prague (Czech Republic) by İlhan Eroglu



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