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Top boarding school to allow boys to wear skirts

Uppingham School, whose alumni includes Stephen Fry, will be open to any boy wishing to ditch their trousers for school.

The school’s headmaster Richard Maloney already tries to use the gender-neutral term “pupils” rather than “boys and girls”

Mr Maloney said: “I would hope that any pupil could come to me and say, ‘This is who we are, this is how we wish to express ourselves. We want to wear these clothes’, and we would probably allow that.”

Ontario Liberal budget fails to woo voters as PCs gain double-digit lead

The Ontario Progressive Conservative Party led by Doug Ford would easily move into majority territory if a provincial election were held tomorrow, despite a number of high-profile budget promises by Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals, according to a new Ipsos poll conducted on behalf of Global News.

The poll — conducted days after the release of the Ontario budget — suggests the PCs have the support of 40 per cent of decided voters compared to 27 per cent for the Ontario Liberals and 28 per cent for the Andrea Horwath-led New Democratic Party.

When Will The Media Finally Get Over The 2016 Election?

We’re now into our second year of theorizing about what went wrong in 2016, which is itself illustrative of the prejudice in much of political media. Most of these stories have nothing to do with Donald Trump’s policies or his behavior — topics well worth covering — and everything to do with creating the impression that the electoral process was dangerously flawed. Whether The Comey Letter swung the election or Fake News swung the election or Facebook data mining swung the election, there have been so many stories intimating that our democratic institutions have been subverted, that you sense certain people might be reluctant to accept the sanctity of the process.

Solar farms receive more cash from green subsidies than selling the energy they produce

Britain’s biggest solar farms receive more cash from green subsidies than from selling the electricity they produce, figures reveal.

Energy producers were encouraged to start solar farms with generous handouts funded by a ‘green levy’ on taxpayers’ bills.

But many of them now make the majority of their cash from the subsidy – instead of the electricity they produce.

Iranians accuse Ottawa of discrimination as permanent-residency applications face delays

Hundreds of frustrated Iranians living in Canada and abroad are urging the federal government to explain why their permanent-residency applications have faced what they describe as unreasonable delays.

Affected Iranians took to Twitter in recent days, using the hashtag #DelayedIranianApplications, to describe the alleged discrimination by the Canadian government against their permanent-residency applications. They are concerned the Canadian government is holding up Iranian immigration applications after U.S. President Donald Trump issued a travel ban on people from Iran last year.