Relatives of burglar killed by 78-year old man he was robbing issue threats, lay flowers

Henry Vincent’s family have also been keeping vigil and have created a shrine near to where he died and have threatened Richard Osborn-Brooks, 78, with revenge.

Vincent’s traveller community family have taken over the street in Hither Green, south east London, and are furious that their shrine has been taken down by outraged neighbours. The flowers have been destroyed and replaced three times since last night.

Retired RAC worker Osborn-Brook is now believed to be in hiding with his frail wife and too afraid to return to their home.

Career-criminal Vincent’s cousin, who gave her name as Elvina, said of pensioner Mr Osborn-Brooks today: “He’s a coward – he won’t come out when we’re here.

“When other people die they put flowers, why can’t we? We’re not allowed because we’re gypsies.”

…Police believe he forced the elderly homeowner into his kitchen armed with a screwdriver, where a struggle ensued and the Vincent suffered a stab wound.

He then fled the property at around 12.45am and collapsed on neighbouring Further Green Road.

Mr Osborn-Brooks was initially arrested on suspicion of murder, but was told by police he would face no further action.