Zuckerberg before Congress

Testimony is scheduled to start at 2:15 PM


4 Questions Zuck Won’t Want to Answer, that Congress Should Ask Him

When lawmakers question Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg today and tomorrow, they must not be tempted to only ask the questions the mainstream media want them to ask. There are plenty of other issues on the public’s mind, and Zuckerberg must answer them.

Majority of Americans think Facebook should face more regulation – poll

Mark Zuckerberg’s wilful blindness to Facebook’s dark side

When Mark Zuckerberg appears before a US congressional committee on Tuesday, he will doubtless expand on what seems to be Facebook’s new mission. The “move fast and break things” mantra of the social network’s early days is long gone; now it is more like move slow and fix things.

Plenty is broken. A scandal that has exposed the data of up to 87m Facebook users is only the most pressing privacy problem US lawmakers must address. Even closer to their hearts is Facebook’s role as inadvertent facilitator of Russian meddling in elections.