Americans Still Aren’t Moving to Canada

There is no evidence that Trump is driving residents north

When assessing the motives of migrants, the press can only seem to tell one of two stories: If they’re leaving the Third World, they’re escaping poverty; if they’re leaving the First World, they’re escaping politics.

Canada has emerged as a favored backdrop for the latter sort of storytelling as of late, with any and all movements of peoples across the U.S.–Canadian border now reliably slotted into larger media narratives contrasting the supposed hell of Donald Trump’s regime with the heaven of Justin Trudeau’s. Lazy, Trump-centric characterizations of the multi-dimensional, long-running problem of American-based refugees crossing illegally into Canada is but one manifestation; another is the notion, most recently articulated in Axios and the Globe and Mail, that Canada is pulling in oodles of brilliant American expats who cannot stand another moment living under the rule of their monstrous president.