Trans Mountain pipeline on hold as pressure mounts on B.C. to drop opposition

CALGARY – The future of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion was cast in doubt on Sunday as Kinder Morgan Canada suspended all non-essential activities and related spending on the project in the face of mounting opposition from British Columbia.

With the company citing its decision largely on the B.C. government’s legal challenges to the pipeline and the need to protect its shareholders, the federal and Alberta governments pushed Premier John Horgan to abandon his promise to do whatever his government can to stop the project.

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Justin’s handlers have played the “environmentalists” and the pipeline supporters against each other. His “approval” of the pipeline was made knowing full well it was unlikely ever to be built. This way he avoids all out civil war with Albertans and may in fact retain some electoral support within the province while he stands only to lose the confidence of some among the eco-set who will never vote conservative anyway.

Trudeau’s own policies have made it far more difficult for the pipeline to be built:

In February, the Liberals drastically increased the amount of red tape requirements on natural resources projects. On top of studying the impact of wildlife and plants in a project area, Trudeau is now requiring oil and gas companies to study “the intersection of sex and gender with other identity factors.”

Using the Marxist academic concept of “intersectionality” in assessing natural resource projects has dumbfounded even Trudeau’s allies. “If you’re asking, ‘What does that mean?’ I’m going to have to say, I don’t really know,” said a lawyer with the Canadian Environmental Law Association.

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