It’s time to start paying attention to Facebook and Google and what they’re doing to shape our society.

s our readers are likely aware, your author publishes a website aimed at a market of Southern conservatives grossly underserved by the legacy media in terms of ideology and emphasis on several core issues. In Louisiana where we’re based, we are usually the only source of information about the excesses of wasteful and corrupt government and we’re quite often the only media operation calling attention to the conservative, or Republican, or even non-statist, perspective on current events.

And like lots of other conservative publications, we didn’t come about thanks to a large-scale capital raise or a decision made in a corporate boardroom. It was sweat equity which built The Hayride, just as sweat equity built so many other hundreds and thousands of sites small and large which combine to present such an effective — and growing — obstacle to the manipulation and domination of the national conversation by the legacy media.

But so far this year a chill wind has blown through the conservative blogosphere, a wind so cold and so fierce as to extinguish a number of very recognizable players. Right Wing News is gone, as is Rare, as is Truth Revolt.