Dumbest defenses of the Atlantic firing Kevin Williamson after a week include…

From Warren Henry at the Federalist:

It is true that Williamson did not mince words in his comments. It is also true that Williamson has written about his sympathy for women who become pregnant unexpectedly and why abortion is not the proper response to that situation.

In contrast, Williamson’s critics not only ignore the totality of his writings on abortion, but also tend to avoid explaining why they think abortion is a painful decision. This supposed response allows the critics to pose as people who agonized over a morally difficult decision, while attempting to exclude from the mainstream those who follow the logic of the opposite conclusion, as though the decision was easy. More.

Reality check: The Atlantic is now history anyway. Its present representatives neither need nor want serious debate about anything. They need and want to be on some kind of pension to represent some Correct view, whether or not anyone needs or wants to hear it.

All the while, big social media is farming the people who provide the content anyone really wants to hear or see.

By the way, the photo accompanying Henry’s piece features the Handmaids in those weird red getups. Why doesn’t anyone notice how goofy all that seems? Why no laughing? Not allowed?

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