Andrew Klavan on the Atlantic firing Kevin Williamson a week later

For pro life views, apparently. From Andrew Klavan at PJ Media on the firing of Kevin Williamson:

There is only one reason to silence someone like Kevin: your arguments are so bad you can’t stand up to him in a fair debate.

On top of which, hiring a man away from his job, then firing him for being exactly who you knew he was is simply a skunk thing to do. Shame on Goldberg, really.

In today’s political debate, there are two kinds of people: those who want to silence the voices they disagree with, and the good guys. Kevin Williamson is one of the good guys. Goldberg, it turns out, not so much. More.

Reality check: Actually, the Atlantic is very much more in tune with what is coming down the road from the universities than either Klavan or Williamson are. Opinions that upset the Millennial government job babies will simply be criminalized. Or anyway, they will try to do that.

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