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National Guard Going To Border, DHS Wants ‘Military Installations’ Built

On Wednesday, Department Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen announced that President Donald Trump is sending the National Guard to protect the United States’ southern border and also indicated that DHS is looking into constructing military installations along the border.

Nielsen’s announcement that the National Guard is being deployed to the southern border comes after Trump said on Tuesday that he will use the military to defend the border.

Israel foils Islamic Jihad plot to attack navy vessel, abduct soldiers

Israeli security forces recently thwarted an Islamic Jihad plot to attack an Israeli Navy vessel and abduct sailors, the Shin Bet security agency revealed Wednesday.

Islamic Jihad operative Amin Saadi Muhammad Jumma, 24, from Rafah in the Gaza Strip, and nine other men were arrested on March 12, when the Navy’s 916th Patrol Squadron stopped their boat after it left the designated Gaza fishing zone on what is believed to be a reconnaissance mission for Islamic Jihad.

Denial of systemic racism is dissociation from reality

The federal government’s announcement that it will be conducting a consultation on systemic racism, as recommended by the United Nations, has generated widespread criticism.

The reality of systemic racism — racial disadvantage embedded in social, political, and legal systems — in Canada has been recognized by the UN, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, international human rights organizations, official government inquiries and watchdogs, the Supreme Court, and research and policy institutes.

Spielberg: Next Indiana Jones Could Be A Woman

It looks as though Steven Spielberg wishes to join George Lucas in the fight to destroy as many childhood memories as humanly possible. Already halfway there with the dreadful “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” the director has proposed giving the beloved character Indiana Jones a sex change.

Speaking to The Sun, Spielberg actually said that when Harrison Ford hangs up his hat and whip as the globe-trotting archeologist, a woman could take the role under the name “Indiana Joan.”

UBC unveils bilingual Musqueam street signs on campus

The University of British Columbia has unveiled bilingual street signs around campus​ to acknowlege the traditional territory of the Musqueam territory.

According to a release from the university, which sits on traditional Musqueam land, the signs on nine campus streets supplement English names with names in hən̓q̓əmin̓əm̓, the traditional language of the Musqueam people.