Diversity Nazis force indoctrination on school-board janitors

“Deep Diversity”

Starting Tuesday, all lead caretakers at the York Region District School Board (YRDSB) will spend one day learning how to be more diverse and inclusive when they clean their schools.

On the hot seat this month for the board’s mandatory “deep diversity” (indoctrination) sessions (there are five being held) are 230 lead caretakers, according to board spokesman Christina Choo-Hum.

A description provided by a board staffer who contacted me about this mishegos (Yiddish for “nonsense”) notes that “deep diversity” training will teach participants how to “detect, name and reduce” their “unconscious bias” and to understand how “stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination are a combined result of history, socialization as well as brain processes.”

If there’s a way to waste your tax dollars Canada’s Diversity Nazis have found it.