Continental Breakfast

Apple, Cheddar and Bacon Fritters in Caramel Sauce

Museum slammed after hiring white curator for African art exhibit

On Monday the museum appointed Kristen Windmuller-Luna, 31, who has a Ph.D. in African art history from Princeton University, lectures in Columbia University’s department of art history and archaeology, and once worked as an educator for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where she was “responsible for adult and college gallery tours in the African galleries.”

Despite the stellar résumé, her hiring left some wondering why a qualified person of color did not get the post.

‘They’re All Psychos’ — Kathy Griffin Attacks The Trump Family

Anti-Trump comedian Kathy Griffin is back, and this time she’s attacking the Trump family, describing the president’s sons as “psychos.”

“I sent out a tweet the other day that was real honest, saying I didn’t know what my future was with this f—ing sonofab—h coming after me and the clown car of a——s,” Griffin is quoted saying in the New York Daily News.

Ontario’s billion-dollar plans to reduce plant food

The Ontario government’s throne speech last month told us that “you cannot be serious about lowering emissions and fighting climate change without a price on carbon pollution.”

Nowhere in the speech is it specified what this supposed pollution actually is. That’s probably because, if it did, many people would realize that the Ontario government is wasting billions trying to control a non-pollutant in the hope of having an impact on global climate.

Revealed: David Hogg Working With George Soros Group To Oust Republicans From Congress

Parkland school shooting activist David Hogg is now openly supporting a George Soros group whose aim is to crash the town halls of Republican members of Congress, to advance a gun control agenda.

The Town Hall Project’s connection to George Soros and the Democratic party was made clear by Newsmax last year, as the group encouraged Democrats to crash Republican town halls to make it appear as if America was not supportive of President Donald Trump and the Republican agenda.

OPINION: Kathleen Wynne’s Farewell Budget

Kathleen Wynne’s re-election spending spree reached new heights this past week. The Liberals think your vote is for sale, and this budget proves it.

Wynne is making big promises with your tax dollars. This last desperate spending spree calls for billions more in new debt and yet another deficit – this time to the tune of $ 6.7 billion.