Austrian migrant play dubbed Globalist ‘propaganda,’ canceled after outrage

…The play was commissioned by then-Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka from the center-right People’s Party, as well as the International Center for Migration Policy Development, and the Pedagogical Secondary College in Lower Austria. Its author, Edmund Enge, told Oe1 Radio station that some 350 teachers gave “almost exclusively positive critique and reactions from all sides.”

However, the majority of critics didn’t share this enthusiasm for the ‘Welt in Bewegung.’ One unnamed teacher who watched the play said that it had ‘put years of integration in danger.’

“What the play is about is what the ministry ordered. It’s actually not a play, it’s indoctrination supposed to result in thinking the right way,” Gerhard Ruiss, the head of the IG-Autoren writers’ collective, added.

According to director and political activist Tina Leisch, the Interior Ministry commissioned a “racist, poorly written” play, which turned out to be “the stupidest propaganda.” “It is a rape of what theater or art should be, and that is a call to thought, and not to say, ‘We are the ministry, and we are beating children over the head with our political positions,'” she said.