Ex-Al Qaeda Captive Matt Schrier Says FBI, Under Mueller and Comey, Betrayed Him

An American photojournalist who in 2013 escaped from an al Qaeda affiliate prison in Aleppo, Syria, after six torturous months claims that the FBI betrayed him by putting intelligence gathering ahead of his personal security while he was in captivity. And he claims that for the past four years, the Bureau has had two of the terrorists who robbed him in custody, yet no indictments have been forthcoming.

Matt Schrier was abducted in late December of 2012 by al-Nusra and escaped from prison in July of 2013. Now he’s blowing the whistle on the FBI.

In an interview with Fox News’ Martha MacCallum last week, Schrier said the terror network stole his financial information and used his own money to buy at least a dozen computers and tablets. The former hostage said he knows “beyond a reasonable doubt” that the FBI was monitoring his accounts.