Ontario: Muslim family on trial for enslavement and torture of Son’s wife

Witness in domestic assault case had access to evidence

She lied. And she lied. And she lied some more.

And then she got caught. Right there on the witness stand. With the documents to prove it in her very own handbag.

Sehrish Hassan is one of the star defence witnesses at one of the most complex domestic violence trials ever to unfold in Hamilton. Her husband, his brother and their mother face a load of charges alleging they kept a family member as a slave in their Binbrook home, tortured her and prevented her from having contact with the outside world.

Hassan, a 30-year-old law clerk at Hughes Amys firm in Hamilton, has been on the stand for several days, called there by Dean Paquette, lawyer for Adeel Safdar.

How much you want to bet they’re card carrying Liberal Party members?