Wynne’s ploy to buy Ontarians’ votes is admirably shameless: Robyn Urback

Liberals are betting voters either don’t realize their plan makes no financial sense, or don’t care

That’s a sizable slice of the voting demographic in Ontario and all of it represents the Liberal Party base.

While the polls suggest a Tory landslide I remain skeptical. Ontario is not a normal political environment. The Liberals have cynically cultivated a predator class that has the financial means and the voting numbers to potentially drive a Wynne victory.

The “Everything Free In Ontario” budget is just slop to the hogs with the added benefit of being so far left it will likely bleed off NDP support and certainly make a possible coalition attractive to both parties if that’s what it takes to keep Wynne in power.

The Liberals have turned Ontario into a Kleptocracy and their union, crony capitalist, and media supporters will defend the status quo to the bitter end. Liberal party supporters are insulated from the predation of Wynne’s  “economic” policies because they have access to your wallet virtually on demand to sooth out any rough spots. In return Wynne gets to play at making Ontario into Venezuela North.

The Liberals should have been turfed the last two elections and weren’t despite similar levels of public anger and disgust at their sordid performance don’t think it can’t happen again.

Third time lucky? Place your bets but remember who your rulers are.