Benefits sponge Jihadi who plotted attack on 30 targets has TWO council flats — one for his ‘independent’ wife and one for himself

Muhammad Abid, 27, was one of three men jailed over the plot to brainwash Muslim boys as young as 11. Their 30 targets included Heathrow and Big Ben.

Terrorist Abid conned his way into getting the two council flats by claiming his wife needed her own home because she “wanted her independence.”

He hired lawyers to successfully demand a second taxpayer-funded home.

He then managed to get more public money by claiming cash to be wife Juwayriyah Noor’s full-time carer because she was suffering “stress and depression” — even though his flat was a 20-minute drive from hers.

When details of the two homes emerged at Abid’s trial he said: “We are not legally obliged to live together.” Abid, 27, is the latest in a long line of jihadis who happily exploit benefits provided by a system they profess to despise.