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David Hogg’s Next Crusade: Opposing Voter Identification Laws

The March for Our Lives may have been the Parkland activist students’ magnum opus, but they are by no means done agitating for leftist policies. The only relevant legislation on the horizon, the STOP School Violence Act, passed without their support, and there are few gun regulations likely to pass.

So, at least one Parkland student is seeking to expand his policy agenda; David Hogg is battling voter ID laws.

That’s right: he may believe you should have photo identification in order to exercise your Second Amendment rights, but is iffy on whether you should have similar paperwork to cast a ballot.

Lawrence Solomon: Trudeau will learn a painful lesson — voters really dislike climate crusading

The United States government is expected to approve a massive US$1.3-trillion omnibus spending bill Friday, a sweeping victory for Democrats who fought for — and won — funding for virtually all of the left’s priorities, everything from Planned Parenthood to gun control to child care to public transportation. The Democrats even won funding, and plaudits, for infrastructure and domestic programs they couldn’t secure under the Obama administration.

But no one is remarking on the Democratic cause that was thrown off the omnibus — climate change — because no one still considers it a Democratic priority. Nowhere in the bill’s 2,232 pages of spending goodies do the words “climate change” or “global warming” even appear.

Firearms Legislation to Make Communities Safer

Crime rates generally in Canada have been on the decline for more than two decades, but offences involving firearms have become more prevalent, especially since 2013. Many communities across the country have been facing a steady increase in gun violence over the past five years. Gun-related homicides, domestic and gender-based violence involving guns, criminal gang activity and gun thefts are all up significantly.

To keep communities safe, the Government of Canada is strengthening Canada’s gun laws in a common-sense, focused and effective way. Legislation introduced today prioritizes public safety and effective police work, while respecting law-abiding firearms owners. This government will not bring back the federal long-gun registry.

At the March for Our Lives, Kids Say Their Right to Feel Safe Trumps Your Right to Own a Gun

“Guns are for the police and the government,” a 13-year-old girl confidently assured me.

She was one of the hundreds of thousands of people taking part in the March for Our Lives rally in Washington, D.C., on Saturday. She was flanked by two friends—another 13-year-old, and an 11-year-old—who were equally confident that violence in schools was the problem, and banning guns was the answer.

“Our school could be next,” said the other 13-year-old. “What if it is?”

Conservative whip orders MPs to stick close to Ottawa so party can step up pressure over India trip

Conservative MPs are being asked to cancel all travel plans to ensure they are in Ottawa this week so the party can keep up pressure on the government to make its national security adviser available to testify about Justin Trudeau’s trip to India.

In an email obtained by CBC News, Mark Strahl, the Conservative whip, informed members their travel authorizations were being rescinded.