Canadian “far right” activist Lauren Southern who claimed “Allah is gay” gets lifetime ban from coming to the UK

A far right Canadian activist who claimed ‘Allah is gay’ said she was slapped with a lifetime ban from coming to the UK after she was accused of distributing racist material.

Lauren Southern came under fire in February after she was caught handing out leaflets in Luton that proclaimed ‘Allah is a gay God’ and ‘Allah is trans.’

Although the 22-year-old said it was only a ‘social experiment’, she was detained in Calais when trying to re-enter the UK on March 13 and was questioned over the posters.

Meanwhile in Britain… EXPOSED: Muslim Kids as Young as Two Back from Syria, Obsessed With Guns and Anti-Western Hate

British children as young as two have been taken to war zones, becoming obsessed with guns and “shooting people”, and indoctrinated into terrorist ideology and hating the West, court papers show.

The disturbed Muslim children, some radicalised in the UK and others returning from Syria and Iraq, were exposed in an investigation into the secretive family courts by The Sunday Times.