Has social media eroded the left’s dominance, no matter what its founders want?

From Rachel Alexander at at Townhall:

While there has been considerable, and warranted, criticism lately about censorship of conservatives by the big tech companies, let’s not forget that the emergence of social media cracked the left’s media dominance. People moved from reading print newspapers and magazines to congregating on Facebook and Twitter. They moved from network television to YouTube videos and streaming news services.

Formerly dominant left-leaning newspapers and magazines like The Denver Post and Newsweek are shrinking and falling apart. The Denver Post cut almost 90 percent of its journalists within the past decade. Newsweek recently laid off multiple editors and staffers, fell behind in its rent and utility payments and is paying its remaining employees late.

CNN laid off 50 employees from its digital projects in February. Instead of paying for expensive cable TV, which is dominated by left-leaning stations, viewers can now pull up YouTube on their TVs through a streaming device and choose Fox News or various online conservative news services like Newsmax. More.

Reality check: Big social media will, of course, try to assert big government dominance but – in a remaining free society – there is a good chance they will fail. Consider: At one time, we needed to buy a newspaper to hear the scores or whether it would probably rain tomorrow. That was then.

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