Children with Down syndrome telling their stories

From Loretta Brown at Townhall:

The video has gone viral with almost 700,000 views on YouTube and over two million on Facebook.

“The video turned out even better than we had hoped and the response has just been mad,” Carless said, adding that her son, Archie, enjoys re-watching it. More.

Reality check: If you ask me, the real morons are people who do not realize that genetic diseases are becoming much more treatable.

See also: Atlantic: How Amazon jobs “harm” poor cities So there are actually jobs in those places now? No wonder Trump won the US election. No wonder leftism is tanking faster than a Lada driven over a sea cliff. If it is a choice between seething on welfare and sweating on the job, the seethers are useful to the leftist and the sweaters are useful to themselves.