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Liberals are all talk and no action when it comes to protecting the integrity of Canada’s next election

Over the past few weeks, the current government has talked a good game about taking preventive measures to protect the integrity of Canada’s next election.

But in this the Liberals are judge and jury. And that’s a dual role they have so far not been in a hurry to share with less self-interested agents.

One of the central safeguards of a sound electoral system is the presence of an independent elections overseer liable, if need be, to blow the whistle on government attempts to stack the decks.

NP View: How do you mess up good Canadian gun laws? Ask the Liberals

Eternally convinced that Canada’s gun laws are meant for revising, the Liberals, 25 years after they created the notorious imbroglio known as the long-gun registry, have decided to take another crack at it. They appear to have largely learned their lesson not to be ridiculously out of touch with the reality of responsible gun ownership. But not entirely. Some of the new rules are fine. Some are not. Some are just bizarre. Canada’s law-abiding gun owners still don’t trust the Liberals’ intentions, and there are reminders here as to why.

Ontario government pledges millions for horse-racing in 19-year agreement

The Ontario government says it will be injecting millions into the province’s horse-racing industry, with some of the funding to be rolled out this year.

Minister of Finance Charles Sousa has announced an investment of $105 million a year for 19 years starting in April 2019, as well as additional supports for smaller racetracks.

Liberals announce $1.8 billion for new Ottawa Hospital while testing election message

Liberal cabinet ministers road tested Friday what promises to be a central election message — that a Progressive Conservative government would put important spending promises at risk — as they announced $1.8 billion for a new Ottawa super hospital.

The commitment, announced at a celebratory news conference at The Ottawa Hospital’s Civic campus, will be included in next week’s provincial budget.

Kathleen Wynne announces $2.4B for Sick Kids’ patient care centre

SickKids is getting a $2.4-billion booster shot from Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals.

Wynne announced Friday that the Hospital for Sick Children will receive the new capital funding in next week’s provincial budget.

The money will go toward the design and construction of a new patient care centre that will add to the downtown Toronto hospital’s capacity.