Continental Breakfast

Sticky Bacon Bread! Let me start by saying that regular Monkey Bread has the power to totally turn me into a weak, self control-less embarrassment to myself. So clearly, I won’t share with you what happens to me when that Monkey Bread is studded with an entire pound of BACON! That’s right!! Salty, smoky, sticky & chewy BACON, generously glued together by puddles of sticky Maple Syrup!

Empty half the Earth of its humans. It’s the only way to save the planet

There are nearly eight billion humans alive on the planet now, and that’s a big number: more than twice as many as were alive 50 years ago. It’s an accidental experiment with enormous stakes, as it isn’t clear that the Earth’s biosphere can supply that many people’s needs – or absorb that many wastes and poisons – on a renewable and sustainable basis over the long haul. We’ll only find out by trying it.

Eating vegan diet promotes ‘white masculinity,’ sociologist argues

“The men effectively engage in a feminized practice (eating only plants) but masculinize it, rather than feminize themselves and their consumption identities,” Mycek wrote, further arguing “masculinity receives its prestige, privilege and power in the US at the expense of women and femininity.”

Mycek also argues people who eat vegan, paleo, or other alternative diets are predominantly white.

She concludes veganism is a form of “cultural capital” or food choice privilege, where they symbolize social and cultural prestige at the expose of people in less privileged positions.

Canada government defends asking employees to use gender-neutral terms

Canada’s federal government has defended its decision to ask frontline employees to adopt gender-neutral language when interacting with the public, after the move was branded as ridiculous and mocked by opposition politicians.

Earlier this year staff at Service Canada – the federal agency that connects Canadians to government services and benefits such as pension and employment insurance – were issued guidelines asking them to use gender-neutral or gender-inclusive language so as to avoid “portraying a perceived bias towards a particular sex or gender”.

Chief Wahoo Mascot No Longer Welcome On Hall Of Fame Plaques

The death of Chief Wahoo has come swiftly. Shortly after the Cleveland Indians announced they will be retiring their mascot amid accusations that it’s a racist caricature of Native Americans, the MLB hall of fame has declared the cartoon character will no longer be featured on commemorative plaques.

In an announcement on Wednesday, the Hall of Fame said that future Indians memorabilia will feature a “Block C logo” in place of Chief Wahoo. The Hall said that it “concurs with the commissioner’s sentiment and acknowledges the shifting societal view of Native American logos in baseball.”

Will Wynne’s deathbed repentance work?

At Queen’s Park, the smell of desperation is in the air.

Premier Kathleen Wynne is putting on a game front, as she proposes billions in new social spending.

But it all has the feeling of deathbed repentance. If the polls are even remotely reliable, Ontarians have already made up their minds about the provincial Liberal government.

They want it gone.

Even if global warming were true, it would be preferable to another ice age.