Warning! Wynne’s Liberals aren’t dead

…The Liberals’ big red political machine is formidable after 15 years in power.

It has allies in the corporate sector ranging from the auto insurance industry to so-called “green energy” companies that rely on favourable provincial legislation and/or subsidies to boost their profits.

Of Ontario’s six million workers, 1.1 million — 18% — are in the public sector, paid directly or indirectly by Queen’s Park.

Add in the the civil servants employed at the federal level and that total is nearly 2 million, that’s a huge head start for Wynne, a base of motivated rent-seekers who will turn out at the polls. This is what makes Ontario a kleptocracy, we are governed by a ruling class of predators who anoint the likes of Wynne their puppet to remain assured of direct access to your wallet.