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Police have lost nearly 500 registered sex offenders in Britain – and have no idea where they are now

Almost 500 known rapist and paedophiles have gone missing across the country, after police failed to keep tabs on them.

The registered sex offenders are missing in Britain and include some who disappeared more than a decade ago, according to a Sky News investigation.

YouTube Officially To Start Banning Firearms Related Content

In a sweeping decision, YouTube has released their latest dictatorial policy on firearms content, and the outlook is not good for the firearms community. These new loosely stated rules and guidelines give YouTube the power to not only remove firearms content from their platform at will, but also give them the ability to conduct outright bans, and censor prominent voices in the pro second amendment community without any chance of an appeal. Here’s what it looks like.

Justin Trudeau Is Putting Canadian Troops At Risk In Mali So He Can Brag About Winning A UN Security Council Seat

Sending troops to Mali has zero benefit for Canadians and it puts our troops in serious danger. But Trudeau doesn’t care. He only cares that it could benefit his image.

Mali is a dangerous, war-torn nation.

It is – by the admission of the UN itself – the most dangerous ‘peacekeeping’ mission.

Canada has no interests in Mali, and there is zero benefit to our nation to be gained from sending troops there.

Parkland Students Claim NRA Threatened Them Over Advocating Gun Control

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School high school students David Hogg and Emma González told CBS News that the NRA has “basically threatened” them since they’ve been advocating for more gun control. “The way that they’ve been reaching out to us is basically threatening us,” Hogg said.

1 in 5 Muslim Canadians say they face discrimination

According to a recent study, Islamophobia, defined as prejudice and hostility toward Muslims, exists in Canada.

In the University of Waterloo research, one in five Muslim Canadians said that they experienced discrimination due to their religion, ethnicity or culture at least once in the past five years.