Nanny accused of black magic by couple who kept her prisoner ‘murdered and burned in garden’, court hears

Sabrina Kouider and her partner Ouissem Medouni, right, are accused of killing Sophie Lionnet, left

French nanny was murdered and burned after being accused of stealing a diamond necklace and dabbling in black magic, a court heard.

Sophie Lionnet’s charred remains were found in a garden in Southfields, Wimbledon, on September 20 last year after a neighbour reported foul smells coming from a garden fire.

Before her death, the 21-year-old had been starved, mistreated and assaulted after she went to live with Sabrina Kouider, a mother of two, and her partner Ouissem Medouni.

The couple, who are also French, allegedly confronted Miss Lionnet with “outlandish” allegations and kept her prisoner in their home in south-west London.

Ms Kouider, 35, a former partner of Mark Walton, a founder member of the pop band Boyzone, and Mr Medouni, 40, deny murdering Miss Lionnet.

The court heard Ms Kouider accused her nanny of being in cahoots with Mr Walton and said he controlled her through black magic.