Kathleen Wynne – The Most Dangerous Woman in Canada

Conservatives according to most of the MSM and our political class always have a “hidden agenda” but somehow it never comes to pass. Under Harper no gulags for gays were established nor were woman told to use a coat-hanger to murder their unwanted children. The CBC, perhaps the largest purveyor of the liberal-left’s “hidden agenda” smear remained on the public teat despite having the slimmest of connections to actual Canadians. The Gilead we have is Islam though the liberal-left remain willfully blind to that inconvenient truth.

The real radicals are Wynne, Notley and Trudeau as they lead us into their brave new transgender carbonless dystopia. A bankrupt realm of disastrous economic policy and socially engineered collapse.

The Sun’s cover has it exactly right: Peterson calls Wynne ‘most dangerous woman in Canada’