Saira Khan: Failure to integrate Pakistani immigrants led to the Telford child abuse scandal

…This isn’t going to be comfortable reading. You may even think: “Blimey – if a white person said that, they’d be accused of racism.”

But bear with me. I was born in the Midlands, but I was raised by first generation Pakistani immigrants. I have family there and have visited Pakistan several times.

I speak the language fluently and adopted my daughter there. Which is why I can say the backward, sexist attitudes of ­Pakistan’s villages still dominate hundreds of thousands of British homes, even among families who have lived here for generations.

All my life I have witnessed the culture clashes over women’s rights.

Misogyny rules. Men and women are mostly segregated, child marriage is tolerated, daughters are discouraged from education or careers. And girls who fail to dress modestly are said to be “asking for it”.