Guardianista explains How to troll the left: understanding the rightwing outrage machine

Recent events on US college campuses illustrate how the right has fine-tuned its formula for pushing progressives’ buttons

How do you make a speech at a provincial liberal arts college into national news? As it turns out, the basic requirements are simple: a shareable video, provocation, and persistence.

For the past few months, this recipe was developed and fine-tuned in a series of speeches at Portland-area universities featuring controversial speakers. All have involved a small group of Portland State University students and faculty associated with an atheist student club.

Their efforts reveal the mechanics of a movement that energetically denies that it is rightwing, but works hand in hand with rightwing media and rightwing organizations to promote attacks on progressives.

The lunatic Brown Shirts of the left attempt time and again to shut down debate but somehow they’re the victims?