Mark Zuckerberg and the New Cornfield

“It’s a Good Life” is widely considered one of the greatest episodes of The Twilight Zone. It tells the story of a six-year-old boy named Anthony who has extraordinary mental powers. In his efforts to protect himself from anything that disturbs him, he has isolated his little town of Peaksville, Ohio, from the outside world. Any person, thing or idea he finds discordant he destroys and then banishes into an esoteric nowhere he calls “the cornfield.” As a result, the surviving adults around him live in terror of expressing an unpleasant thought. Anthony, who can never be taught or disciplined, has no sense of right and wrong and can’t understand why no one will play with him. Whatever he does, no matter how destructive, the grown-ups have to reassure him: “It’s good, Anthony. It’s good.”