Illegal alien invaders tell of abuse and violence on the streets of Paris

Hundreds of refugees living rough in Paris, many of whom hoped to reach the UK, claim they have been subject to abuse from French citizens, including physical attacks and sexual violence, according to new research.

From a sample of almost 300 refugees – around 10% of the 2,950 migrants sleeping rough in the French capital – it emerged that 42% of respondents did not feel safe.

The study was conducted by London-based human rights charity Refugee Rights Europe and is one of the largest independent studies of refugees stranded in Paris. It found that 75% of respondents said they had experienced verbal abuse by French citizens, most usually racial abuse.

One 29-year-old from Sudan said: “They told me: ‘You can’t be here. You make it dirty here. This place is full of you and we are fed up.’ ”

Gee and they comport themselves so well!