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Bakin’ The Bacon: Hands Off!

British government abandons basic principle of treatment of prisoners in democracies

Paul Golding, co-leader of Britain first, has been attacked by muslims in jail and is said to have had his nose broken.

For those who remember the world first for a British man getting the death sentence for littering, Kevin Krehan, this should come as no surprise. But when you see a second ‘Islamophobe’ get put in prison where muslims have easy access to him you cannot write it off as an error. You have to conclude it is policy.

“Racist” BLM co-founder gets Toronto “leadership” award

The perpetually-pissed-off Yusra Khogali, co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto, was at Toronto City Hall the other day to receive an award for something called the Pam McConnell Award for Young Women in Leadership.

Last year, a Toronto Sun story by Anthony Furey revealed that Khogali argued that white people are “recessive genetic defects.” She also purportedly pondered how the white race could be “wiped out.”

Will & Grace: Conservatives ‘Terrible People With Horrible Beliefs’

As highlighted by Newsbusters, Thursday’s episode of the famed sitcom features a situation in which a baker refuses to bake a MAGA cake for President Trump’s birthday amid jokes about Mike Pence being gay while referring to conservatives as “terrible people” with “horrible beliefs.”

To boil it down, the episode revolves around the character Karen Walker (Megan Mullally), a caricature of a rich conservative, looking to get a MAGA cake baked for President Trump’s birthday. When she goes to a local bakery, the baker (Vanessa Bayer) refuses to bake the cake.

Operation Drunken Eagle for St. Patrick’s Day

This Reddit post suggests that people in various locations, but primarily the UK, although it would be equally needed in Canada, print and distribute the exact graphic, or at least message, that Lauren Southern was banned from the UK for doing.

There is nothing illegal about it and in fact it is encouraged by leftist groups when it is about Jesus.

So there should be no legal danger in doing it whatsoever unless the government is flat out willing to admit that Islam gets special protection.

And while we all know it does, I do not think Western governments are ready to be honest about it at all just yet.

INSANE: Trudeau Government Exempts Foreign Oil From Emissions Regulations They Impose On Canadian Oil

‘Global Citizen’ Trudeau’s anti-Canadian energy policy is costing our nation billions of dollars.
The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has found that the Trudeau government is exempting foreign oil from the emissions regulations they impose on oil made right here in Canada.

This means the government is purposely giving an advantage to oil from countries like Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Venezuela, while punishing our own homegrown Canadian oil industry.

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