Christie Blatchford: Queen’s joins the academic bullies against author of colonialism article

As a recent visitor to academe, having written much of late about Canadian universities and so read many scholarly papers, I have seen my share of what I would call, in my white settler, cisgendered way, lightweight fluff.

I have read of the travails of a University of Ottawa law professor suffering the impossible dopiness of white students taking her class on racism and white privilege. (Guilty Displeasures: White Resistance in the Social Justice Classroom by Rakhi Ruparelia, 2015)

No one, certainly no one like me, can understand her pain: “I interpret the hostility of resistant (even if well-intentioned) white students as racial microaggressions that compromise the psychological well-being and deplete the emotional and physical resources of racialized professors; in short, these interactions can be harmful and exhausting to me as a racialized woman.”