Setting a Rumour Straight Regarding the Hijab Hoax

“I don’t intend to belabour the Hijab Hoax story anymore — other than to hold the Toronto District School Board to account for its involvement in the rushed press conference — but I received a belated response from a person of interest dragged into the right-wing conspiracy theories floating online about the Hijab Hoax because they believed she attended the press conference.”

It was not an angle I pursued, though I did retweet the suspected Baig association once, and given her mosqueteria and Wynne links it’s understandable that people made an honest error. At any rate it is to me far less a “crime” than that perpetrated by Justin Trudeau, the TDSB and all the usual suspects who propagated the lie that the Hijab Hoax was real. It remains my view that a 9 year old girl decided she could game the system, perhaps over unfinished homework, by simply uttering the magic word “Islamophobia”. She almost succeeded too.

As I wrote earlier:

“I don’t believe this was any grand conspiracy by the girl’s parents or that anyone else “put her up to it”, though certainly her parents, community, the TDSB, our whorish politicians and the ever reliable media enabled her. She simply sought to take advantage of what she has been taught: Muslims are always the victims of Canada’s inherently “Islamophobic” society. When you teach entitlement victimhood it should come as no surprise that everyone from kids to race baiting grifters will be quick to take advantage of it. Look no further than Motion M103, the effort by Justin’s Muslim handlers to enforce sharia law and criminalize Canadians who criticize the cult of Islam.”