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Thousands of parents were consulted on sex-ed curriculum, Premier Kathleen Wynne says

Claims that parents were not consulted on Ontario’s updated sex-ed curriculum are “just not true,” says Premier Kathleen Wynne.

Amid news that PC Leader Doug Ford will scrap the sex-ed curriculum because of some parents’ concerns about its content, Wynne said the new sex-ed lessons, which were implemented in 2015, were a much-needed update from the 1990s materials teachers were using.

Record Job Vacancies in Canada

The number of job vacancies reached a new high in the last quarter of 2017, totaling 399,000 jobs left unfilled in Canada’s private sector, according to CFIB’s latest Help Wanted report. The job vacancy rate—the proportion of unfilled jobs relative to all available jobs in the private sector—reached 3%, well above the 2.4% rate for Q4 2016.

Wynne, not Ford, is the scary one

The real train wreck and dumpster fire in Ontario politics is not the election of Doug Ford as leader of the Progressive Conservatives.

It’s the financial record of Ontario’s Liberal government over the past 15 years, first under Dalton McGuinty and now Kathleen Wynne.

Under their leadership, Ontario has become the most indebted sub-sovereign (non-national) borrower in the world, with a current debt of $312 billion, 125% higher than the $139 billion the Liberals inherited from the PCs in 2003.

Beleaguered comedian Kathy Griffin is launching her North American comeback on the stages of Canada

The insult comic and celebrity gossip hound — who became embroiled in controversy after posing in a photo holding a fake severed head that shared a likeness with U.S. President Donald Trump — has picked Toronto to open her “Laugh Your Head Off” North American tour on May 25.

She’ll follow that with three more Canadian dates, Kitchener, Ont., (May 26), Calgary (May 31) and Vancouver (June 2), before moving south to the United States.

DISTURBING: 21% Of Canadians Say They Would Trade Right To Vote For Debt Relief

While most people will be disturbed by 21% of Canadians saying they are willing to give up their democratic rights in order to be free of debt, the globalist elites will be happy to hear it.

They don’t want people to become financially independent and prosperous, because it’s tougher to control a population that is free of debt.

Instead, the globalist elites want all of us to be heavily in debt to big banks, at the same time as we get slammed by higher and higher taxes.