Evening photos

(1) Snowy Maligne Lake (Jasper, Alberta) by Steve Alkok (@stevealkok)

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(2) Sunrise (Miramont Country Club, Bryan, Texas) by John Rogers

(3) Aspen Sky (Colorado) by Adam Thornton

(4) Stormy Lake Erie (Fairport Harbor, Ohio) by At Lands End Photography

(5) Log cabin windows reflect the winter sunset (Norway) by Jørn Allan Pedersen

(6) Shadowy trail (Tilford, Surrey, England) by Su (@papatya1daisy)

(7) Snow at Bryce Canyon (Utah) by Danilo Faria

(8) Fall foliage (Utah/Arizona area) by Alex Noriega

(9) Northern lights (Slocan, BC) by Ashley Voykin

(10) Yosemite in the snow (California) by Charlotte Gibb (@charlottegibb)

(11) Autumn foliage and farm fields (Poland) by Janusz Madejski

(12) Winter cabin (Lapland, Finland) by Konsta Punkka (@kpunkka)

(13) Poppies by Irene Weiss

(14) Summer at Maligne Lake (Jasper, Alberta) by Steve Alkok (@stevealkok)

(15) Winter road in the woods (Russia) by Natalya Flora

(16) Echoes of 1000 years ago (Bjørkedal, More Og Romsdal, Norway) by Aurland Photography (@aurlandphotography)



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