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‘Like a Mussolini Rally’: Scarborough in Hysterics Over Trump’s Pennsylvania Speech

A fundamental rule of modern American politics is that every Trump rally produces an equal, opposite media panic. The President put the pedal to the floor on Saturday during a speech in Pennsylvania, and so the reaction from Joe Scarborough and others on Monday’s Morning Joe was predictably hysterical.

Ever the innovator, Scarborough dispensed with the tired Hitler analogies and instead compared the President to a different widely-maligned fascist. “The booing is getting stronger by the day,” he fretted, “whenever he goes out there and whips people up, it’s like a Mussolini rally.”

EU’s Commissioner for Migration : More Terror Victims in European Cities for ‘Years to Come’

Innocent people across the European Union (EU) will continue to suffer and die in terror attacks “for years to come”, the EU’s Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs, and Citizenship has said.

“We cannot contemplate more victims in our cities, but we know that it is a reality we will probably have to face for years to come,” said Dimitris Avramopoulos, confessing the poor state of the bloc’s security, but without mentioning migration.

Kathleen Wynne says contrast between her and Doug Ford is ‘stark’

Ontario’s premier says voters will have a “stark” choice between her Liberal party and the Progressive Conservatives led by Doug Ford in the province’s spring election.

Kathleen Wynne says Ford being made leader of the official Opposition this weekend won’t change how her party plans for the June vote, pitching herself as the candidate ready to invest in people.

California Communist Group Calls For Revolutionary Martyrdom

The alarming trend of domestic communist groups that have begun to multiply and promote language that is increasingly violent continues with a cell out of California (where else?) that is advocating for what it calls “revolutionary martyrdom” as the left continues the lurch towards full-blown Stalinism.

The Red Guards – Los Angeles have been among those groups promoting violent responses to political issues and in a blog post to commemorate the Socialist International Women’s Day, called for the creation of a “Women’s Guerrilla Defense Unit” to combat the “patriarchal dictatorship of the bourgeoisie” that currently exists in the group’s mind.

Federal environment minister says Saskatchewan will have a carbon tax

Canada’s environment minister says Saskatchewan will be subject to a federal carbon tax if it doesn’t sign on to a national climate change plan by the fall.

Catherine McKenna has responded in writing to a letter by her Saskatchewan counterpart, Dustin Duncan, about the province not signing on to the federal plan.

Duncan suggested the province should still receive $62 million in federal money for low-carbon projects.