WALLACE: Wynne’s ‘choice’ for voters no choice at all

Within hours of Doug Ford being named Ontario PC leader, the Ontario Liberal spin machine was hard at work.

“There’s a stark choice for voters on June 7,” tweeted Premier Kathleen Wynne. “They will choose between Conservatives who want to slash spending just when families need it the most, and an Ontario Liberal Party that believes government is a force for good & knows that now is the time to invest in care.”

A little rain on the parade

No matter what the polls may say about the level of anger against the despised Liberal regime Wynne still stands a chance.

The Liberals have bought the Public Service Unions and every other rent-seeker living off the public tit in the province.

The rent-seekers have had virtually unfettered access to your money thanks to Wynne and the LPO, they won’t give that up without a fight.

That’s an enormous headstart for the Liberals that Ford will have to overcome.

The MSM are mostly in the tank for Wynne and the usual media driven chorus accusing Ford of Trumpism, racism,homophobia,islamophobia,gummy-bear-o-phobia etc will soon reach a crescendo of hysteria, just as any “right-wing” candidate would face, even if or likely especially if Jesus Christ himself had won the PCPO leadership.

Elliott’s concession will stop the bleeding away of some of her supporters however her red-tory base will either vote against Ford or sit this one out as associating with Fordnation is simply beneath them don’t you know. Don’t forget the PCPO has been far more “progressive” than conservative for some time now.

Expect a call for strategic voting by the liberal-left to be launched, the NDP will suffer but access to the public’s purse must be kept open at all costs and that’s a flag the LPC, Red-Tories and NDP can all rally round.

Voter turnout has been low these past two elections even with similar degrees of public anger being registered against the Liberals and Wynne herself is toxic according to the polls so there is no reason at this point to assume turnout will be any better this time out and that will only help the LPC.

On a bright note, parachuting Selfie Sock Boy in to bolster Liberal morale during the election campaign is likely to be far less effective than it was in the past.

On a still brighter note, imagine Tanya Granic Allen as Education Minister.