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TRUMP UNLEASHED: In Wild PA Rally, President Unveils His Campaign Slogan For 2020

With thousands of supporters whooping and hooting, Trump announced his 2020 slogan. “Our new slogan … is going to be ‘Keep America Great — exclamation point!” he said. “But we can only do that if we elect people who are going to back our agenda and fight for our values,” he added.

Trump said he can’t just keep the same old slogan he had in 2016, “Make American Great Again,” for one simple reason. “I already did that. Right? Right?” he said to laughter and applause.

Vatican Seeks to ‘Change the Narrative’ on Immigration by Emphasizing the Positive

Jesuit Father Michael Czerny, the co-secretary of the Vatican’s department for migrants and refugees, said that the Church needs to “change the narrative” on immigration, because “the public view is negative” in an address to members of the International Catholic Migration Commission on March 7.

“We need positive stories,” Czerny said, in order to help people appreciate the benefits of migration instead of always focusing on its problems.

Statistics Canada loses, mishandles hundreds of sensitive census, employment files

The federal agency in charge of collecting, analyzing and securely storing personal data about Canadians lost hundreds of sensitive files during the 2016 census process.

Incident reports obtained by CBC News through Access to Information detail 20 cases of information and privacy breaches by Statistics Canada, including long and short census surveys, home visit logs and personal employment records.

Sweden Not Investigating 512 Muslim Attacks on Christian Refugees

As Syrian and other Middle Eastern refugees seek and find asylum in Europe, they bring their religious tensions and persecution with them. Specifically, Muslim migrants often persecute Christian migrants, or immigrants who converted to Christianity. Open Doors Deutschland documented 743 attacks on Christians in Germany in 2016, and German police documented another 100 in 2017. Similar violence plagues Christian refugees in Sweden, but the Scandinavian country has yet to issue an investigation.

Kathleen Wynne says Doug Ford’s victory ‘changes very little’ for Ontario Liberals

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne congratulated newly minted Tory leader Doug Ford at a campaign rally in Brampton on Sunday, but said the news “changes very little” for her Liberals heading into the spring election.

“Never a dull moment in Ontario politics these days,” Wynne quipped as she took the stage in front of a crowd of supporters.