Afghan interpreters versus “Canadian” ISIS Members…

They stood by members of Canada’s military in Afghanistan. When our troops took fire, they took fire. They are the Afghan interpreters who rejected Taliban and Al Qaeda, who ignore threats of violence and death and chose to align themselves with ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) and assist allied militaries battling terrorists and terrorism in Afghanistan.
He calls himself Alex and is such an Afghan interpreter. His life is under threat and the Taliban are closing in. Not long ago this threat letter was thrown into the compound where Alex had briefly been staying. “You —- ——, resident of Helmand province, we found out and we have reports that you are working as a linguist with foreigners in Kandahar province. We don’t hesitate killing your family and we are looking for you in all the provinces of Afghanistan, according to the word of leader Mullah Mohammad Umar Mujahid.”

Alex is desperate to come to Canada. Masked gunmen have already tried to assassinate him. Alex missed the cut off date for linguists assisting Canadian troops to obtain a visa to enter Canada. He tells me he didn’t know there was a cut off date. In any event, he had been on operations with Canadian soldiers at the visa deadline in 2011.

Contrast Alex and his fate to that of Canadians who left this country for Syria to swear loyalty to and participate with the genocidal murderers of ISIS.