Survey: Most people think AI will take others’ jobs but not theirs

From James Vincent at the Verge:

Nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of US adults believe artificial intelligence will “eliminate more jobs than it creates,” according to a Gallup survey. But, the same survey found that less than a quarter (23 percent) of people were “worried” or “very worried” automation would affect them personally. Notably, these figures vary depending on education. For respondents with only a four-year college degree or less, 28 percent were worried about AI taking their job; for people with at least a bachelor degree, that figure was 15 percent. More.

Reality check: One outcome is that it is difficult to have a reasonable discussion of the impact of mass migration of humans who do not have significant tech skills.

The traditional theory was that they could be assimilated into the economy because there were always jobs that better-situated people wouldn’t do. Sure, but when those jobs are eliminated… ? What, apart from joining an aggrieved, lifetime-dependent, urban voting bloc, is the migrant likely to be able to do? Virtue signalling is very much easier than discussing the problem honestly.

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