Shock! Watergate’s Bob Woodward thinks media “unhinged” over Trump

From Matt Vespa at Townhall:

Veteran reporter Bob Woodward has noticed a trend in today’s news media: they’re going insane over the Trump presidency. Then again, he falls short in saying that the industry has failed at doing their jobs in the Trump era. With a laser focus on the increasingly shoddy Russia collusion story, the serial errors in the reporting of this White House, and the inability to report on simple photo ops, like feeding coy fish with the Japanese prime minister–one could arguably say that the media has failed.More.

Reality check: Sure, Bob, but that’s not the real story any more. They are unhinged because they don’t fulfil a vital need any more. They are like the eccentric old aunt who was once the Dean of Science.

Trump is just a way they can stay mad while avoiding the dread of extinction.

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