Identity groups as a new aristocracy

Mark Steyn muses

When identity becomes politics, free speech shrivels: governments, whether Canadian Liberals or British Tories or German Coalitions-of-all-the-no-talents, are prepared to sacrifice it, so why should twitchy, risk-averse corporate venue-renters be expected to defend it? And, as Judith Green’s Woman’s Place UK surely understands by now, no matter how measured and temperate you are, this new age brooks no dissent.

Just as in the House of Lords, there are hierarchies in the House of Identities: Dukes, Marquesses, Earls, Viscounts, mere Barons. The mere Barons are the women, who, as old-school feminists are beginning to discover, are getting trampled like cis girls in a Texas wrestling championship. Also from the Speccie, I see that L’Oréal’s Munroe Bergdorf, a ferocious transgender model who didn’t stint on the implants (see above), has quit as Jeremy Corbyn’s advisor on LGBTQWERTY issues after only a week.

At any rate, Miss Bergdorf’s mouth is even bigger than her knockers, and it’s now cost her the job.

To the totalitarian left, though, this is merely a temporary setback. In the scheme of things, gays and lesbians of whatever degree of hirsuteness are the Viscounts: their usefulness more or less peaked with the passage of same-sex marriage. Illegal immigrants are the Earls, because they undermine the concept of citizenship and thus the basic unit of world order: the nation state. But transgender activists are the Marquesses, because to the fundamentalist left they offer the biggest prize of all: the abolition of biology, the abolition of the sexes, and in particular the abolition of man. More.

Reality check: What many people do not yet factor in is that all sciences are also on the chopping block now. But people vote for this.

The post-modern identity power grab would quickly end if we didn’t.

See also: Jordan Peterson — Do the Stitches Hold? I was surprised by the extent to which Peterson understands that the post-modern aversion to objectivity, which is killing the social sciences, is seeping into the harder sciences as well, offering the same promise: Social peace in exchange for intellectual suicide.