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New York City Progressives Try (And Fail) To Limit Asians At Top Schools.

Both The New York Times and the New York Post ran stories this week about the demographic breakdown of students accepted to New York City’s eight elite public high schools. Though dealing with the same numbers, the news items were starkly different. The Times piece was focused on lack of diversity, noting that only 10 percent of students accepted were Black and Hispanic, even though those groups make up 67 percent of all New York public school students. But, there was one word that, somewhat shockingly did not appear in the article — the word “Asian.”

High School Student Admits: “We Are Being Forced To Participate In #MarchForOurLives Walkout By School Administrators

Watching the mainstream media, we are being lead to believe that most of the students are excited about this march, that somehow walking around screaming will make politicians seriously consider banning guns from the entire country. But a tweet was posted earlier today by a student (whose name will be blacked out in respect of privacy) which stated that all the hype about the March For Our Lives demonstration is greatly overexaggerated.

Toronto’s Union Station was target in foiled terror plot in 2016, Goodale confirms

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says Toronto’s downtown Union Station was the target of a foiled terrorism plot in 2016.

Goodale made the revelation in Regina at an event where new RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki was announced.

Goodale paid tribute to heroic RCMP officers who helped organize an evacuation of Fort McMurray, Alta., during the 2016 wildfires and who caught a school shooter that same year in La Loche, Sask.

Hillary Clinton: Team Trump not ‘recognizing the danger’ of North Korea meeting

Hillary Clinton said President Trump and his administration are not “recognizing the danger” in holding a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un about denuclearization.

In a report published by Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad on Saturday, the former secretary of state was quoted saying the State Department was being “eroded” and spoke of the importance of having “experienced diplomats” in the room if and when the talks happen, according to Agence France-Presse.

WARREN: Trudeau has copied Wynne’s tactics before — he may do it again

On the heels of the latest federal budget and on the eve of an Ontario budget, the Kathleen Wynne Liberals are betting that voters care more about investments in health care, infrastructure, senior care and program spending in people than they care about a balanced budget.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne swung left of the NDP to win a majority in 2014. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau copied this strategy, ate Thomas Mulcair’s lunch, and won a huge majority in 2015 by winning 80 seats in Ontario.