WALLACE: 8 billion reasons not to vote Liberal

There is a price, after all, to Kathleen Wynne’s free-for-all re-election plans.

Another broken promise and another ($8-billion) deficit.

Wynne won’t be able to shake the stink of scandal, corruption and mismanagement hovering over the soon-to-be corpse of her Liberal government before the June 7 election.

I am not confident that Wynne will lose. She has bought off the public service unions and all the other rent-seekers in the province. Approximately 2 million potential voters are public service union members, they represent a huge head start for Wynne and there is no sign of the unions having dropped support for their puppet.

The conservatives will likely elect a milquetoast leader like Elliott or Mulroney causing many right leaning voters to stay home and further Liberal party chances.

Voter turnout was about average last election, if I recall correctly around 52 or 53 percent. That was an increase over McGuinty’s last go round which saw a record low turnout. Until and unless Ontarians get a lot angrier Wynne’s prospects are at least as good as Dalton’s were. Just as people voted with their genitals for Justin, people will again virtue signal vote for Wynne because of the lesbian novelty factor. I don’t know what God could possibly rescue us but  I’m open to suggestion.