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Maryland Lawmakers Push For Arming Church Congregations

Maryland State Del. Kathy Szeliga introduced the Parishioner Protection Act in the 2018 legislative session in Annapolis and promoted it as a possible solution to mass shootings at churches, according to Fox5. The bill, which if passed will be implemented as a pilot program in Harford County, would allow parishioners to carry concealed handguns on church property with the written permission of their church leadership.

Trudeau has been calling one of his ministers a Nobel Prize winner, but the claim isn’t evidence-based

During an event in Ottawa Tuesday with science guy Bill Nye, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau touted one of his ministers as a “Nobel Prize winning scientist.” At another event on Wednesday he said it again.

It’s a lofty claim, but subjecting it to the rigorous process of scientific inquiry — or, just some basic fact-checking — shows that it’s not exactly evidence-based.

Wisconsin: Perp Arrested in Mosque Burglary CAIR Blamed on Islamophobia…Was Muslim

During a press conference on Monday, a top official with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Minnesota Chapter talked about the criminal activity.

“There is a great deal of anti-Muslim sentiment that has taken over,” said CAIR-Minnesota Executive Director Jaylani Hussein, adding he believes the crimes are tied to the attention over the break policy issue at Ariens Company. “There is a great deal of fear in the community and also a sense of raised attention.”

Trudeau government is behind on pay equity, women’s employment: Oxfam report

While the Liberal government is working to advance gender equality in Canada and abroad, progress is “lacking” on pay equity and women’s employment, states a new report from Oxfam Canada.

Oxfam Canada issued its second annual scorecard called Turning Feminist Promises into Progress, in advance of International Women’s Day. The report grades the government on its progress in eight policy areas over the past year and uses traffic lights to indicate how much progress has been made.


Liberals May Beef Up Screening Of Gun Owners, Internal Memo Suggests

The federal government has been eyeing changes that would allow authorities to more quickly identify people considered unfit to have guns for reasons such as mental instability or violent behaviour, an internal memo shows.

The Liberals are planning to introduce legislation in coming weeks to fulfil platform promises on firearms — including a requirement for “enhanced background checks” for anyone seeking to buy a handgun or other restricted gun.

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