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SJW Protesters Besiege Jordan Peterson Talk, Pound On Windows, Harass Girl

A speaking event on the campus of Queens University on Monday featuring professor of psychology and clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan B Peterson provided yet another up-close look at the radical, anti-free speech tactics of social justice activists, who laid siege to the lecture hall, pounded on stained glass windows, screamed “Shame!” in the faces of those who attended the talk, and surrounded and harassed a young female student.

Scientist Bill Nye prods Trudeau to explain rationale behind Kinder Morgan

A popular TV science personality put Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the spot today to explain Canada’s approval of the Kinder Morgan pipeline, which if built will increase the flow of oil from Alberta to the Pacific coast.

American scientist Bill Nye asked Trudeau to explain the Kinder Morgan decision in front of university students, saying later that he was surprised no one in the audience asked about pipelines.

California Fast Food Restaurant Debuts Burger Flipping Robot

The “Fight for 15” is facing an uphill climb now that corporations threatened by the Bernie Sanders endorsed movement for a national $15 per hour minimum wage are rapidly moving to automate.

Bernie and progressive Democrats have invested much into mobilizing armies of unskilled workers into an attack on the capitalist system with the perceived benefits being that they will reliably vote.

RACISM! NFL Owner To Ban Players From Kneeling During National Anthem

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has just whacked the hornet’s nest with his comments that all players on his team would be required to stand for the national anthem next season.

It’s been a quiet month since the Super Bowl but now that the new league year is about to kick off with the combines, free agency and the draft, it was only a matter of time until the controversial issue of players disrespecting the flag and the troops during the playing of the Star-Spangled Banner would rear its ugly head.

Budget funding for black communities shows government is ‘listening’, says Liberal MP

The 2018 federal budget may have been written with a strong emphasis on gender equity, but money earmarked for another demographic — black Canadians — is also getting some attention.

The government is setting aside $19 million over five years to research culturally-appropriate mental health programs and support for black youth at risk.

Mental health experts said the funding will help improve access to treatment for a vulnerable sector of the population.

“This is actually the first time that the black community was mentioned in a federal budget,” said Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes.