What Americans Don’t Get about Justin Trudeau

There are a lot of jokes in Canada about how much everyone hated Pierre Elliott Trudeau — “Canada has finally produced a leader worthy of assassination,” etc. The Canadian journalist Peter C. Newman once shared an anecdote of watching a man stubbornly attempt to force a vending machine to accept a particularly tattered dollar bill. After one failed attempt too many, he finally exploded, “GODDAMN Trudeau!” The day PET died, September 28, 2000, my favorite radio chat show featured caller after caller spitting out some form of “Good riddance,” as the host sarcastically mourned the “dearly departed.” Books could be (and have been) written about the precise reasons why the old man Trudeau was as loathed as he was; suffice it to say his unique style of imperious leftism saddled the nation with a heavy legacy whose burden was widely borne.