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Iran’s Supreme Leader Becomes Latest ‘Expert’ To Weigh In On Gun Control

Iran’s supreme leader, the Ayatollah Khamenei became the latest weapons expert to weigh in on the current debate over gun policy. Unsurprisingly, the Middle Eastern dictator, who boasts a stranglehold over his own people, suggested that American leaders immediately disarm American citizens.

Khamenei’s “hard line” on guns is nothing new. One of the Ayatollah’s first orders of business, when he came to power, was to disarm his own citizens – a technique regularly used by “supreme leaders” to extend their tenures.

Italy Must Be Guided in Its ‘Change of Population’ Due to Immigration

Prior to Italian national elections, the country’s first black cabinet minister told Swiss radio that due to massive immigration, Italy needs to be guided in “the change in the composition of the population” that is the fruit of immigration.

An immigrant herself from the African nation of Congo and Italy’s former minister for integration, Cécile Kyenge said the present situation in Italy is “surreal” because of the level of hostility toward immigration found among several political parties.

Immigration has become “the sole rallying point” of right-wing Italian parties, she said, which stoke a “climate of fear” by focusing on the lack of stability and security in the country.

Is Canada’s democracy ready for a dire new age of weaponized news?

A significant amount of money — $750 million — is being spent to reinforce the weak spots and the long-neglected holes in Canada’s cyber defences.

It will, according to experts, deliver tangible security gains to prevent hacking across federal departments and deter cybercriminals.

What the money will not do is address the flip side of the political warfare coin: the selective use of hacked data and the pervasive weaponization of so-called “fake news.”

Could Germany get a gender-neutral national anthem?

Following the example of Austria and Canada, a German official has now proposed revising the national anthem in favor of gender-neutral phrases, according to a report on Sunday.

Kristin Rose-Möhring, the equal opportunity commissioner for Germany’s Family Ministry, proposed the changes in a letter sent to ministry staff, the German weekly Bild am Sonntag reported.

RCMP raising concerns about Liberals’ changes to criminal background checks

The force’s concerns were summarized in a briefing note prepared by public safety staff to update Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale on the changes to the system.

The issue is how criminal background checks conducted by police for people applying to work with individuals considered “vulnerable” — children and the elderly, for example — are handled in cases where a person has received a record suspension, commonly known as a pardon.