We had a better class of anti-fascist in east London when I was a nipper….

Oswald Mosley

Michael Curtis’s post last night about Oswald Mosley and modern ‘far-right’ groups in Great Britain brought back memories and set me thinking.

There are ‘far-right’ groups out there, and it sounds like an aphorism to say murdering people is wrong (Jo Cox MP, worshippers in Finsbury Park). But the description ‘far-right’ is used as an insult to any group not as far-left as the current incarnation of the three main British political parties, the three we call LibLabCon. Any suggestion that multiculturalism has not been an overwhelming success gets a cry of Nazi!!! Any concern that large scale immigration has changed our towns and cities such that we no longer feel at ease in our ancestoral home is greeted with ‘Fascist’, usually from a puny black-clad youngster in a face mask.